The Seven Ways to Wealth by Frank Newman and Dr. Muriel Newman


Why Is It That Some People Are Wealthy yet Others Are Poor?

The Seven Ways to Wealth: Find Out How Easy it is to Make More Money

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It is argued that anyone, regardless of their occupation, education or upbringing can accumulate more money than they would ever need by following seven basic principles.
These principles are : treat money as your friend, increase your ability to make more money, good luck comes to those who seek opportunity, take 100% of everything you can, make time you ally, invest savings wisely and develop a wealth-attracting attitude.
The chapters in the book explain in more detail each of the seven points.
Frank Newman is a qualified accountant, investment adviser and financial planner and Muriel Newman is an executive director of an organisation promoting reform economics.

This is a second hand book.

Good condition
Paperback 1994
Page count: 155
Publisher: Dollars & Sense Books, Auckland NZ


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