Tinderbox by Megan Dunn


Megan Dunn was in a hole. Her attempt to write a fictional tribute to Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t going well.

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Borders, the bookseller she worked, for was going bust. Her marriage was failing. Her prospects were narrowing. The world wasn’t quite against her – but it wasn’t exactly helping either.

Riffing on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel about the end of reading, Tinderbox is one of the most interesting books in decades about literary culture and its place in the world. More than that, it’s about how every one of us fits into that bigger picture – and the struggle to make sense of life in the twenty-first century.

Ironically enough for a book about failures in art, Tinderbox is a fantastic achievement; a wonderfully crafted work of non-fiction that is by turns brilliantly funny and achingly sad. … It will also help ensure that you will never ever again be rude to anyone working in retail.

In the author’s words:

It is about the end of the Borders book chain, Julie Christie and me – but not necessarily in that order.
It is also about Ray Bradbury, censorship and the end of the world – but not necessarily in that order.
It is also about Jeff intellectual, Bezos freedom, and Piggle Iggle – not in order but that necessarily.

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