Voices from the Heavens by Brian Hool and Rue Crawford Hool


Comprising of Spiritual lessons and teachings which will be of interest for those individuals who want to become more spiritual in their day to day life. The teachings help us learn more about the Heavens, the changes that occurred at the new Millennium and why they are important to our lives now.

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Voices from the Heavens comprise of four books of Channelled Spiritual Teachings for the new Millennium. This anthology of four books was channelled by Spiritual Guardian Mariah to Rue and Brian Hool between 2001 and 2009.

‘Psyche of the Spirit’
Since the new millennium began, changes have occurred in the Heavens, to a stage where society has come of age in a spiritual sense. Old ways must change and the challenge to you is to activate your own spirit and verify the facts within these pages. The result is a better future based on love and respect for mankind and our planet.

Mariah wishes to show us a different way of attaining excellence, it is our responsibility to extend ourselves beyond the realms of realism and not be bound by preconception. With an activated Spirit and the gifts that the Heavens can bestow on mortals, you can strive toward something that has remained unattainable to you in the past.

‘After Sex … Then What?’
Sex is essential in many relationships and this section is dedicated to sex plus spiritual awareness as part of your planned commitment for togetherness.

‘The Laws of the Universe’ – The time has now come to evaluate the concepts of Heaven’s worth, in regard to understanding the stance taken by the Universe. How can you incorporate them into your life to become the best person we can.

Spirituality in the 21st century is nothing like it used to be, it has to be self serving for the individual and not through the medium-ship of another person.


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