Check Mate by Janet Heads


Check Mate (The Loch Carron Series Book 3)


What now? Alexander, Gautier, Robert and Janet, have flicked back into the twenty-first century. How will the men adapt, and will this bring conflict between Janet and Alexander, who wants to keep some old ideas in place?

Exploring the new world, they need an income. Once more the adventurers are on the move, treasure hunting. Clues lead to the great cathedral, St Peter and Paul, in Troyes, France. Gautier still has feelings for Janet, leading to altercations, but also he has to face his past as he and Robert realise something they have to do.

The men disappear without Janet. She is lost, but once more is flung into survival mode, when she searches for them. Will she met up with Alexander again, and what will she find if she returns to the MacDonalds of loch Carron?


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