Kaipara Trilogy by Kate Stirling (Boxed set)


The trilogy is set in the beautiful Kaipara harbour – as a boxed set of 3 books that cover important moments in New Zealand’s history.

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History unfolds in their pages taking the reader on a veritable roller coaster ride that brings into focus the events and way of life of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Yates’ Landing (Part 1)

Yates’ Landing is a romantic novel set on the Kaipara Harbour against a background of historical events of the period.

Thunder Children (Part 2)

Thunder Children is set on the Kaipara Harbour and the surrounding districts during the mid-nineteen hundreds, against a background of New Zealand history.

Shark Harbour (Part 3)

Shark Harbour is the third book of the Kaipara trilogy which follows the Jackson family of the early Yates’ Landing, then the Thunder Children and up to late in the twentieth century.

Important moments in New Zealand’s history; women’s emancipation, the spectacular coming of Halley’s Comet, the tragic sinking of the Titanic, two World Wars, the devastation of the influenza  epidemic and much more are bought alive and carefully integrated into this easily readable Kaipara trilogy set.


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