Ladies, Lasses and Chevaleresses by Janet Heads (The Loch Carron Series Book 5)


Through the years of 1321 to 1326, Duncan MacDonald, Constable, of the clan and castle is always in control, always on guard.

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Duncan MacDonald is the clan chess player moving his family from square to square when necessary, but he in turn is also a pawn on a much larger chessboard.
Both males and females have to make their own way from child to adult, through the dangerous maze of life. It is a course they must negotiate.
Hormones run riot as the Squires try their skills on young ladies in the castle, but it will not end happily for some. Not only the young have lessons to learn, so have the older, as Katherine realises how protected she is. Gerald’s heart is split once more.
MacDonalds Knights and squires, travel from the Highlands of Scotland to the back streets of Paris. They are going for knowledge, but most for pleasure and passion. Others are sent for dangerous mission for Scotland, and Lady Fyonia shows what she is truly made of and can hold her own as a Chevaleress and worthy of order of the garter.


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