Maid for the Musketeer by Anna Klein (For Love & Honor Book 1)


Set in a romanticised version of early 17th century France, Maid for the Musketeer is a swashbuckling romance of adventure, dashing heroics, espionage and passion.

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Despite being the eldest son of a powerful Comte with connections to the royal family, Gregoire de Medici wanted only two things: to earn a place in the king’s Musketeers, and to marry his best friend Charlotte. His dreams are shattered when his family are arrested for being a part of the Queen Mother’s plot to usurp the king. Gregoire loses everything that matters. His family. A career. Charlotte.

Charlotte Menard was born into service, but was never much good at doing what she was told to. Life as she’d known it ended when Gregoire, the only person who supported her independence, was taken away. The downfall of his family forced Charlotte into a marriage without love, destined for a life of needlework, boredom, and loneliness.

Years later, they are unexpectedly reunited when drawn into the web of France’s spymaster, Cardinal Richelieu.

Gregoire, a thief destined for the noose, wants nothing more than to escape France and the mantle of alleged treachery his family bears, while Charlotte is a destitute widow who longs for independence, and adventure.

The ruthless cardinal has offered them all this, if they just do one small job for him…


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