Missing On Kawau by Patricia Snelling


The island of Kawau in New Zealand, is where Laura spent a lot of time while visiting her grandparents during the school holidays. Now Laura is returning to the island to search for clues as to what really happened to her grandmother… more than just a mystery.

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Laura McKenzie was elated when she moved into her grandmother’s home on Kawau Island. When she inherited Nan’s cottage, she had no idea she was about to enmesh herself in a full-scale search for the beloved old woman. When Nan disappeared a few months earlier, it was believed that she had drowned. Laura found evidence that something of a more sinister event had ended Nan’s life, and she was determined to find the truth, even if it meant putting her life in danger.

This was much to the disapproval of the handsome Park Ranger, Branson, whom she had befriended. He seemed to be constantly concerned that she kept putting her life at risk. However, he had another agenda, another reason for keeping a close eye on her …


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