Pierced by Nicole S. Goodin


When fate strikes again…

It was strange to think that such a short time ago it was just me… and then I found El… or maybe she found me – and I had something I never even knew I was looking for.

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I thought I had everything.
As per usual life had other plans.
One event would alter our entire course…

We hadn’t even made it down the aisle yet and already there was a baby in the picture. I knew she was going to turn my whole fucking life upside down. How I would run a business, care for a family and still cherish El… I had no clue.

I wasn’t sure I had what it took to be a good father, I knew Ells would be a great mother, and Aunty Quinn had promised she would be there to help in any way we needed.

I was determined to try my hardest. I wanted to be the best I could be for her when she arrived. She was part of my family… her, El and I… we were a family now.

If I was really being honest with myself, just being a new father was not my main concern – learning to be a father to a child that wasn’t mine…? Yeah… that was up there on the list.

Pierced is the second book in the Love like Yours Series.


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