Requiem by T.G. Ayer (Chronicles of the Irin #2)


Book 2 in the Angels of the Irin series.
Evie is stuck in the Underworld until she can find a way to be released from her newfound role as Hades.

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The longer she remains in Hades the more secrets are revealed about her true origins. A confrontation with a Dark Angel brings two revelations to the Evie – the true identity of Daniel, the Master of the Irin’s assistant, and who is he to Evie herself.
While a trip into the depths of Hades leads Evie into the fiery depths of Tartarus and eventually to the eternal peace of Elysium, will Evie find the peace she seeks? And what about the smoking hot Julian, god of Hades? How far is he willing to go to keep Evie at his side?


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