The Chameleon by Janet Heads (The Loch Carron Series Book 7)


1334-1341 Time marches on and the babies of the castle are coming of age.

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Hormones run amuck and need taming. Not only the young men, but the old, as the MacDonald daughters are also causing problems.
A chameleon is finding it hard to keep a secret, and the chance of becoming a squire, forces the soldier to hide their inner feelings. A Knight falls in love with a squire, and a squire, falls for a knight. Will this work out?
Another important mission to France when, the squires, escort two children to France. The pair are not who they say they are. More adventures in Parie, Jean-Paul is betrothed and is left behind and the French come to call on the MacDonalds.
The older men’s demons come to haunt when their daughters are betrothed to older men. Will there be trouble when Katherine finds Lachlan in the arms of another? Robert’s past comes back to disturb him when he too finds himself in someone else’s bed.
Duncan gives up his command and an old friend is found.


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