The Evolution of Sylvia Graves by Nicole O’Connor


A coming-of-age-story that defines victory over adversity in the days before social media.

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Young women living in such remote, conservative societies were considered ideal marriage material, for it was believed the less a girl knew, the higher her class and education. One girl, one quest-sex education. Nobody had the balls to tell her. During the dry warmth of a Rhodesian summer in 1972, seven-year-old Sylvia Graves ponders the origins of life. The information unearthed causes unpardonable confusion. In a country ravaged by war, with minimal prospects other than an early marriage, life wasn’t as simple as it had been for her parents.

SETTING: Zimbabwe / Rhodesia, moving quickly into South Africa. The non-political stance positions itself on neutral ground. Minor historical facts are included to help enhance social settings.

Paperback: 506 pages
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches


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