Sunstrike: The Journey Home by Bev Robitai


Bradley Brown knows how to make the most of life, 22, living the dream in Bali. When the island’s electricity goes dead, it becomes apparent this is no ordinary power outage. A massive solar storm has wiped out electrical technology across the globe, leaving Bradley stranded a very long way from home and his widowed mum Averie back in New Zealand.

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When a massive solar storm obliterates earth’s technology, a carefree young man named Bradley finds himself stranded at an Indonesian holiday resort far from home. He faces a long and perilous journey back home to New Zealand to help his widowed mother, encountering storms, dangerous wildlife, and others seeking to profit from unwary travellers. Faced with destruction, deception and death on his travels, he grows up fast.

Sunstrike is the effect of a major solar storm on the Earth. The wave of radiation knocks out power stations, transmission lines, and any device using electricity. At a stroke, communication, refrigeration and transportation are lost. In 1859 when the Carrington Event occurred it had little effect, but in our technology-dependent world the same thing today would be catastrophic.


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