Heroes And Villains by Tim Bickerstaff


Heroes and Villains is a nostalgic review of some of the most controversial characters in New Zealand sport.

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After 38 years as a sports broadcaster, Tim Bickerstaff comes out from behind the microphone to lift the lid on incidents which had sports fans buzzing and wondering what really happened.

This entertaining collection provides you with answers so you can decide who are New Zealand’s sport’s heroes and villains.

Their sporting exploits are well known and their names familiar to a nation that worships sport but behind the public facade, there’s another story. Or in this case, a swag of stories. Stories which finally tell the truth about some of New Zealand’s biggest names, and reveal the answers to some of our most baffling sporting mysteries.

1998 edition, 232 pages
Published by Hilton Valentine Ltd, NZ
Hardcover with dust jacket. Very good condition.
2nd Hand book


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