A Different Hunger by Lila Richards


In Victorian London, when an ill-advised love affair sees young Rufus de Hunte challenged to an illegal duel his father, to avoid the scandal this would bring, banishes him to New Zealand to become a remittance man.

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During the voyage Rufus meets the captivating Seafina Radzinska, travelling with Anton Springer, who may or may not be her father. Despite his uncertainty, Rufus finds himself falling in love with her – even after he discovers both she and Springer are vampires. When Rufus os badly beaten but the vicious Toby Fox, and seems certain to die, Serafina, who returns his love and fears losing him, turns him into a vampire. Rufus’ horror and resentment threaten their love, but when they reach New Zealand and Serafina is captured by Viviana Alexandreau, an ancient and powerful vampire seeking revenge on Springer, Rufus must acknowledge hs true feelings and find a way to rescue her and to end Viviana’s insane vendetta once and for all.


Essentially Anne Rice Goes to Auckland…


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