Justice and Utu by David Hair


In this fourth book in the Aotearoa series, the magical world of Aotearoa demands justice. Or utu – revenge.

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Matiu Douglas’s father Tama is a defence lawyer, a job that has cost him the love of his wife. Mat is used to his father’s job creating stress, but when Tama takes on a high-profile case in magical Aotearoa — the defence of Donna Kyle and her deadly father Asher Grieve — family tensions run high.

Then Asher and Donna escape, and Mat and friends find themselves drawn into a manhunt; the consequences of which will be deadly. In lawless Russell, the ‘Hell-hole of the Pacific’, strange alliances will be forged, deadly rivalries emerge, and death will stalk the Ghost-Worlds.

Aotearoa demands justice. Or utu — revenge.

An engaging, very New Zealand fantasy for teens. Plenty of action, magic, history and teenage angst.


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