Of a Note in a Cosmic Song – Part One: Djar by Nōnen Títi


The planet DJar is overpopulated.

The solution: Start a colony on the only other inhabitable planet within reach.

But with each of the colonists determined to have their own idea of a perfect society realized, and a planet with an alien ecology, they soon discover that it takes more than just space technology to start a new life.

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The inhabitants of the planet DJar are faced with a choice: Stay on their home world with all its flaws or risk the dangers of becoming one of the colonists to an alien planet.

Who gets to decide who stays and who goes?

Does Daili have the right to decide for her children?

Will convicts accept being shipped off into space?

And as Benjamar is nearing the legal age limit of sixty-five years old, is the risk of dying tomorrow worth the chance to live a bit longer?


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