Starlight’s Children by Darian Smith (Agents of Kalanon Book 2)


Children are being hunted in the streets and their parents’ hearts frozen into glass.

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Brannon and his team of “unusual crimes” investigators are still reeling from the aftermath of Risen in Kalanon, but now they must face a new monster on the loose.
Tensions between Kalanon and Nilar are on the rise once more as Ylani and the King clash.  Meanwhile, Taran’s past haunts him and the church may not be the sanctuary it once was.  Monsters come in many forms and Taran knows this better than most. Once you’ve been a Child of Starlight,can you ever truly be free?
Failing to solve this new string of murders could cost the missing children their lives, Kalanon its future, and one of their team his sanity.


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