The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head by Sue Copsey


Spine-tinglers Book 1

Who’s haunting the lonely old house on the cliffs? Joe and Eddie’s summer vacation turns spooky, when Joe discovers a message scratched on a bedpost and senses a presence watching him.

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The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head is set on the wild and historic East Coast of New Zealand.

On holiday at an isolated old house perched high on the cliffs of Young Nick’s Head, friends Joe and Eddie are plunged into a deathly ghost story.

What is the secret of the haunted room? What is the shadowy form that lurks out on the headland? And shy do Joe and Eddie keep finding themselves this close to becoming ghosts themselves?

Terrified but determined, the boys set out to crack a mystery that has remained unsolved for over 100 years …

Read it at night if you dare…



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