Tane’s War by Brendaniel Weir


One lifetime, two battles.

In early 1900s Auckland, Tane flees the law and family shame, taking a merchant ship to London. But he cannot escape the war sweeping Europe, and enlisted in the army, he develops a relationship with another soldier that must stay hidden.

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In 1953, Briar is a dreamer whose behaviour sees him sent to a training farm to be “turned into a man”. The plan backfires when his arrival awakens feelings in a fellow shearer. Tane, now an elderly foreman on the farm, recognises their connection for what it is. When the boys’ relationship is exposed, Tane is confronted with a choice. He cannot change his past but perhaps he can help change the future.

Tane’s War follows two protagonists, a teenager and an older man who must come to terms with their true nature. Both struggle to find friendship and to create family as they search for companionship and, hopefully love. In old Europe and rural Auckland there are penalties for any man who deviates from what is considered decent and normal. Trusting others who might harbour the same longings could either doom the men, or free them. But at what cost freedom?

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