A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions by Shirley Corlett


When Angie Danwoolly hears that her loving but strange family intend to sell 115 year old Danwoolly House, she is devastated.

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For Hildred Danwoolly, the 12 year old ghost who has haunted the shadowed passageways for 103 years, it is a catastrophe.

Can they join forces and save their home?

A mysterious stranger turns up claiming to be a Danwoolly descendant. Is he genuine or a dangerous liar? He seems to be searching for something. Is it something that could save Danwoolly House? Angie must dig deep for courage in her search for the truth.

A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions

A book to make you laugh out loud, and make your toes curl under in fright.

Ages 9 – 13 years


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