Nowhere in Particular: The Chosen One by Joy H. Davidson


When Milly’s beloved grandmother dies, she and her parents have to leave their home in the city and take over the remote family farm. Sad and isolated, Milly spends her days playing alone – until, as if out of nowhere, Max and Poppy show up.

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The three children quickly become inseparable. But Max and Poppy aren’t what they seem, which Milly finds out one stormy night when a terrified Max tells her that Poppy is missing.
To save her best friend, Milly must cross the mysterious Bridge to Nowhere and enter a land filled with spirits, gremlins, gargoyles and sorcerers. Here, she will start to uncover the truth about her own destiny – and her grandmother’s secret past.

A fantastical adventure, recommended age – 7 – 12 years.

Full page colour illustrations.


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