One Wish by Kayette La Mane (Rising Sun Saga Book 1)


One Week. One Wish. Someone’s life could change forever…

If Kira, a 21-year-old famous socialite in LA has everything she thought she always wanted, what could she wish for?

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As Kira starts to wonder if there’s more meaning to life than what we can see, she doesn’t expect supernatural beings to start appearing. Firstly in her dreams at night, but then as strange weather storms start to roll in, as well as angels and not-so friendly-looking dark shadows, she suddenly wants to find out what’s real.

BJ, her handsome surfer friend who she’s falling in love with, seems to hold the key to this new mystery. But can this relationship be true love, or is there another reason why they’re destined to know each other?

Intrigue — supernatural wonder — a surprising twist that will leave you gripped for more…

Rising Sun Saga — be absorbed and get lost in the romantic and supernatural world of this compelling series.


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