Viola Sends Her Regrets by M. Marinan


It’s not easy being notorious…

Shallow princes, meddling godmothers, infectious curses and one handsome, grumpy guardsman… The memoirs of this very misrepresented stepsister are a world away from any Cinderella story you’ve ever heard.

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Viola knows that she isn’t the prettiest girl in the room, or the most popular. That honour goes to her stunning stepsister Nellie, who was spoiled rotten by her late father, but who is also as beautiful as an angel and charming enough to get what she wants, when she wants it.

As for Viola, she just wants the family inn to prosper, and for everyone to do their share without acting like they’re being treated like a slave…and ruining her own reputation in turn. (Cough cough, Nellie.)

But then Viola finds a powerful, stolen object in an unexpected place, and suddenly her reputation isn’t her biggest worry. The world around her has become very, very hostile – and fixing things has become very, very difficult…

A standalone novel in the world of Fairytale Memoirs.


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