K’yra: Hunting for Unity by K W Austin


A young adult fantasy thriller about a savage, prehistoric land and a young woman’s quest to survive.

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K’yra – a savage, prehistoric land where tribal villagers sacrifice giant cats to appease evil spirits.

Kiya – a young woman from modern England, forced to live with the tribe and the big cats, attempts to mediate their mutual hostility.

The hunt for unity – where a thousand-year war must end if Kiya and her friends are to survive.

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The Author:

K W Austin is a musician, writer, and amateur scientist. Already well-known for his work in popular and classical music and his passion for wild animals, he began writing K’yra: Hunting for Unity after having worked with lions in a zoo and listening to Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’. He lives with two pianos and a cat in Masterton, New Zealand


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