Twisty Christmas Tales: Edited by Peter Friend, Eileen Mueller & A.J.Ponder


What will Santa put under your tree this Christmas? A present that growls? Or one that smiles? The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales – crazy Christmas adventures for the whole family!

The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales: 31 short stories by 27 authors including Joy Cowley, David Hill and Dave Freer.

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Christmas in outer space or at the beach, havoc in Santa’s workshop, monsters running amok, and mad scientists who turn Christmas into chaos. Come along for the sleigh ride of your life, as these Twisty Tales weave their festive magic, whipping across New Zealand pastures, scattering fairy dust on the way to a Christmas BBQ!

Foreword by David Hill… Do weird things ever happen to you at Christmas? You get strange presents, you have to eat peculiar food, people put on crazy hats? I remember one Christmas dinner with candles on the table. One candle set fire to a Christmas cracker as it was being opened. The cracker set fire to some paper napkins. The paper napkins set fire to the tablecloth. One of my uncles had to pour a whole jug of custard on the flames to put them out. Here’s a bunch of Christmas stories where seriously weird and twisty things happen…


Joy Cowley
David Hill
Dave Freer
Shelley Chappell
Michelle Child
William Cook
Debbie Cowens
Denise Cush
Marion Day
Simon Fogarty
Peter friend
Jan Goldie
Tim Jones
Charlotte Kieft
Lyn McConchie
Eileen Mueller
Jeena Murphy
Lee Murray
Robyn P Murray
Lorraine Orman
A.J. Ponder
D.M. Potter
Dan Rabarts
Darian Smith
Kerrie Anne Spicer
Anne Wilkins
Sophie Yorkston


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