A Mission of Honour, The Royal Navy in the Pacific by John McLean


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A Mission of Honour, The Royal Navy in the Pacific 1769-1997

“McLean has drawn a broad canvas in the 518 page book….Following a broad outline, he has divided the book into 48 chapters and presents his stories in a crisp, easy-to-read style that brings the accounts to life.

All the main conflicts and battles are covered, from wars with the Maoris, Russians, Chinese, Germans, Japanese and Koreans, with their grand victories and tragic defeats through to the Navy’s policing and punitive roles guarding Britain’s far flung territories.

Stories of heroic single ships are here, HMS Calliope and her fight to clear Apia harbour in a hurricane that wrecked an entire squadron, and HMS Amethyst’s desperate night flight from communist Chinese forces on the Yangtse River.

Also covered are the routine but equally important tasks of charting the great ocean and surveying its lands, the carrying of convicts and the provisioning of remote islands for the salvation of shipwrecked mariners.

It is his chapters on life at sea and ashore where McLean’s book really shines.There have been many far more detailed accounts but perhaps few have covered such a diverse range of life at sea aboard sail and steam-powered warships.” – Andrew Stackpool in “Navy” (Australia), April, 2011

“Britain’s gift to the Pacific has been sea power. By almost single handedly bringing peace, order and security to the Pacific the Royal Navy carved for itself the honour of being the most positive factor in the development of the peaceful trade of the world’s largest ocean. “A Mission of Honour” tells this remarkable and uplifting story with a sharp eye for detail and a sense of adventure”. – “White Ensign” (Australia).

List of chapters of A MISSION OF HONOUR:

Captain Cook
Captain George Vancouver
Captain Bligh and HMS Bounty
Captain Phillip and the First Fleet to Australia
Surveying and Charting
The Search for Spars
Rescue by HMS Alligator in Taranaki, New Zealand
The Opium Wars
Australia’s Northern Outposts
Island Depots
Petropavlovsk and the Crimean War
The Wreck of HMS Orpheus
The River War in New Zealand
The Battle of Gate Pa
Pomp and Circumstance
Wives and Sweethearts
Raising the Flag
Missionaries, Cannibals and Blackbirders
The Death of Commodore Goodenough
Skullduggery in Samoa
The Apia Hurricane
Getting there and back
Carpenters and Sailmakers
From Sail to Steam
Feeding the Fleet
Collecting Curios
Diverse Tasks
Jack Ashore
Runaway Sailors
The Pursuit of Pirates
Port Hamilton
Wei Hai Wei
The Battle of Coronel
Accidnets at Sea
The Fall of Hong Kong
The Prince of Wales and the Repulse
The Rise and Fall of the Singapore Naval Base
The Battle of the Java Sea
Kamikazes at Okinawa
A Daring Submarine Attack
The Navy is Back – 1945
HMS Amethyst on the Yangtse
The Korean War
The Handover of Hong Kong

Pages: 518 plus illustrations
Publisher: Tross Publishing, Wellington


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