At War With Nature by W.F. Benfield


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New Zealand, which presents itself to the world as a “clean and green” environment, has a dirty little secret. It is the world’s worst poisoner, dropping 90% of the world’s supply of the deadly 1080 on its land.

Why? Because New Zealand government agencies are making big profits from the “pest eradication industry” and anyone from the country’s small science community who speaks out against this environmental crime is likely to lose his or her job.

Based on the false premise that possums are a threat to native birds, 1080 kills every living thing on a non-discriminatory basis – possums, rats, birds (native and non-native), insects, worms, bees, fish, butterflies. The forest goes silent for a while until these creatures start to return, rats and mice being the first to do so.

This book explains the true harm of aerial poisoning and exposes the lies that its advocates use to justify the carpet bombing of large areas of pristine forests, lakes and rivers in the name of “conservation”.

180 pages


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