Zeal and Honour by A.W. Beasley


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The Life and Times of Bernard Freyberg

Lord Freyberg (1889-1963) is New Zealand’s most distinguished soldier; he won a Victoria Cross in the First World War, commanded the Second New Zealand Division throughout the Second World War, from the ill-fated campaigns in Greece and Crete to the triumphs in North Africa and Italy, and thereafter became Governor-General of New Zealand (1946-52).

After leaving Wellington College, Bernard Freyberg won national swimming titles. He put his prowess in the water to good use when he swam ashore at Gallipoli the night before the landings, and set decoy flares which confused the enemy and delayed their response to the following day’s attacks.

Rising from subaltern to brigadier-general in the First World War, he established a reputation for courage, intelligence and care for his men.

In this book Wyn Beasley has captured the essence of this man of distinction – one who can fairly be described as an authentic hero.

Pages: 232 (including many photographs)
Publisher: Tross Publishing, Wellington


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