Blood on the Mirror by Anita Mary


True story from the streets to redemption.

Warning: Graphic content

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Pregnancy – What is this thing doing in me?

Abortions – What have I done?

Miscarriages – Why does this always happen to me?

Street Life – I feel so cold and alone

Prostitution – It’s only for some extra money

Fetish Industry – I can make them feel the pain I do

Drug Addiction – To try and numb myself more

Mental Illness – I really am crazy

Suicide Attempts – I can’t even get that right

Near Death Experience – What am I doing here??

After a childhood of lies, sexual abuse, emotional and physical violence, many different homes and 18 schools, I ran away from home to be “free.” What I encountered along the way was everything but freedom, until finally I made the wisest choice anyone could ever make…


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