Zainabu’s Story by Lynley Smith


Zainabu turned to face her sponsor. “As I was talking to you that day I felt loved,” she said. “Just before I got out of the car, you told me something no one else had ever told me before. You told me you loved me. This kept me going later… I could always remember at least one person loved me.”

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Three little words—I love you—and a mighty dose of God’s faithfulness combined to rescue one extremely deprived child in the heart of the worst slum in Africa, the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Zainabu’s Story gives the true account of a child’s journey from rejection, starvation, physical abuse, attempted rape, and a huge struggle against the hypnotic attraction of Kibera’s street life to a new life of freedom. The challenges faced by aid agencies and sponsors reaching out to these children are interwoven into her story. A must-read for anyone wanting to reach out to the poor among the nations.


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