Regular Soldier by Frank Rennie


A Life in the New Zealand Army

Hardcover with  maps and photographs

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This title is not meant to be an autobiography or a history, it is a bit of both. What the book depicts, is the psychological strength of New Zealand soldiers and soldiering in human terms, there is nothing which the well – trained and well – led Maori / Pakeha soldier combination cannot achieve. This has been acknowledged and documented by those who should know, our opponents and our comrades in arms. New Zealanders operate on the simple premise that there is no point in being second in the serious business of soldiering, and for this reason they will not accept inferior leadership or performance.

Rennie has been quoted as saying that there is nothing as fulfilling as serving with New Zealanders in an atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect – and it is a relationship as unique as it is effective which is the measure in this book.


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