Sang, Ant

Ant SangAnt Sang has been described as “part of a new generation of sequential artists who challenge the tired misconception that comics are juvenile or lacking in literary merit.”

He produced the surprisingly popular Filth mincomix in the mid-90’s, and kicked off the new millenium with his most ambitious project yet – a 384 page, serialised comic called The Dharma Punks.

Reviews have described The Dharma Punks as “a well-crafted epic” and “compelling”.

From his studio in Auckland, he also works as a freelance illustrator. He is currently designing characters and backgrounds for bro’Town, New Zealand’s hit animated series. He has produced illustrations for music magazines, gig guides, posters, children’s books and design studios. In 2001 he held a solo exhibition to launch The Dharma Punks comic.

Ant Sang’s website.

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