Hapeta, Heather

Often called an inspirational speaker, Heather is a solo traveller, writer and photographer.

Having survived widowhood, alcoholism and the death of her younger son (at 20 years old, by suicide) she ran away from home when turning fifty.

With a backpack, sleeping bag, an around-the-world air ticket, no plans or bookings, she travelled from Alaska to Zimbabwe. One year later tears flowed when she returned to New Zealand as there was still much more to be seen.

Heather reinventing herself and downsized her life, eventually giving up a counselling career, to become a travel writer. After saving hard and two years later she did it all again; and then again – each time for 12-months.

These adventures are covered in her book ‘Naked in Budapest: travels with a passionate nomad’.

The latest, small, travel book is about Malaysian Borneo and she has also written a helpful booklet about bereavement grief – in particular about suicide.

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Showing all 3 results