Drummond, Kay

Kay Drummond is married with two children and a dog―there is always a dog! Kay writes from her life experiences coupled with inspiration.

She is the author of a children’s’ self-help book titled How To Be A Confident Kid. This book has since been republished as a full-colour book and has been renamed Think Big Little One. Kay felt this book would look fabulous in full colour and so had it published this way. She has not been disappointed, the coloured pages and pictures look wonderful! She has left How To Be A Confident Kid available for those who are happy with black and white. She has also written an adult self-improvement book titled Thought Talk.

Kay has had a personal growth website http://www.positive-personal-growth.com and also has a self-improvement CD The Magic of Self Belief.

It is Kay’s desire for everyone to become aware of their own potential. Yes, that means you too!

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Showing all 2 results