Haines, Penelope

Penelope came to NZ as an eleven-year-old after a childhood spent in India and Pakistan. She was an adopted only child and reading was her hobby. She read everything that came her way, a habit which has continued lifelong. On leaving school she trained as a nurse, without fully considering that a brisk default attitude of “pull yourself together and stop whining” might not be an ideal pre-requisite for the industry. Conceding at last that nurturing might not be her dominant characteristic, she changed career paths and after graduating with a BA (Hons) in English Literature, moved into management consultancy which better suited her personality type.

After some years of family life she worked as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, spending her days ferrying clients into strips in the Marlborough Sounds and discouraging students from killing her as she taught them to fly. Currently, she operates a company providing rehabilitative care for accident victims.

Penelope claims the varied nature of her career history is a sign of rich intellectual diversity. Her friends say she has a magpie’s attraction to the newest shiny object. Whatever the reason, the course of her life has allowed Penelope to enjoy and explore a wide variety of activities and experiences.

At various times she has sung folk songs in the coffee shops of Wellington; pranced on stage as a member of the Wellington Opera Company, and sung with the Orpheus Choir. She has been in musical reviews, and acted in straight theatre. Although she eschews any claim to sporting ability, she has enjoyed skiing for many years; ridden horses, hunted and played competitive badminton. She and her husband enjoy hiking in the countryside around their home or on the Te Araroa trail that stretches the length of New Zealand.

Travel has always been important to Penelope and she has travelled widely. She was lucky enough to be able to take this for granted throughout her childhood and always travelled first class, as the company her Father worked for paid the bills. Adulthood and financial independence meant an unfortunate relegation to cattle class, a state of affairs that has continued to this day. Penelope hopes a career as a best-selling novelist will enable her to return to travelling at the pointy end of the aircraft in the near future.

Her debut novel The Lost One was released on Amazon Kindle in February 2015.

Her second novel, Helen had a Sister, a retelling of the story of Clytemnestra from Homer’s Iliad, is due out in December 2015.

Currently, Penelope is working on the first of a whodunnit series which will be based around her experiences as a pilot flying small aircraft around the Marlborough Sounds.

Penelope lives with her husband, dog, cat and horse in Otaki, New Zealand.

Contact her at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penelopehainesbooks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PenelopeHaines

Blog: http://www.penelopehaines.com/

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