Crime title list

Crime Titles:

Cat Connor:
Cat Connor’s Databyte, a techno-thriller cum murder mystery, hits the spot and then some. Even if we’d never heard of the NSA, Eric Snowden, and Julian Assange, this book would be worth the price of admission just to eavesdrop on the internal dialogue of Supervisory Special Agent Ellie Conway.”
–Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award-winning author of The Hollow Girl

Leigh K Hunt:
Tijuana Nights
Venice Nights
Spine tingling mystery/thrillers.”

Toni Vailan:
Beautiful Collision
Beautiful Conviction
Suspenseful action packed reads.”

Trish McCormack:
Assigned to Murder
Glacier Murder
Cold Hard Murder – Longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel 2016
New Zealand crime that keeps the pages turning!.”

Brian Stoddart:
A Madras Miasma
The Pallampur Predicament
Excellent historical mysteries.

Richard Parry:
Nights Favour
Action packed with likeable characters and some fine wit.”

Russell Turney:
Tough Justice
“Dimensional, realistic characters.”

Tina Clough:
Running Towards Danger
“Well crafted, real characters, dark thriller.”

Andrew Grant:
Mesquite Smoke Dance
American Police psychological thriller.”

Roy Jenner:
On the Lip of The Lion
Enthralling read.”

Catherine Lea:
The Candidates Daughter
A thriller with heart.” – Sara J. Henry, Anthony-award winning author of A COLD AND LONELY PLACE.

Debbie Cowen:
Murder and Matchmaking
Fan fiction at it’s best! A mash up of Pride & Prejudice and a classic Sherlock Holmes.”

Leon Wedgwood:
Redemption Kills
Action packed read.”

Bev Robitai:
Eye for an Eye.
Fun book with a strong female lead.”

Theatre Mystery series:
Body on the Stage.
Murder in the Second Row.
Contemporary mystery in the cosy tradition.”

Ray Berard:
Inside the Black Horse – Longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel 2016
‘Picked as one of the NZ Listener’s top novels of 2015.’

Katherine Hayton:
Skeletal – Longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel 2016
‘A Self-Publishing Review Favorite Indie Book of 2015 & Ajoobacats Blog Top Ten Books of 2015′