‘Inside Quote Marks’ Attending Authors

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Heather Ross
Born in Eltham NZ. Heather was raised on her parents four generation dairy farm.
Her parents were the driving force in her life. Later on becoming a Registered Nurse. She is married to Alexander, they have four children and five grandchildren. Having retired and the family farming experience behind her ,the opportunity of writing this book presented itself while helping on the on the farm.
Heather has written two fiction Novels. The stories are based on real life experiences.
The first novel The Weekend Gumboots, published in 2018, takes the reader on a adventure of farming experiences, unexpected surprises. The plot is to expose the character Wicked Wendy.
The second book is a revised addition of The Weekend Gumboots, with the second ‘Novella’ The Last Christmas. The title features in chapter eight, the story continuing when Targe and Kate are forced to relent and sell the family homestead. A must to read for all ages.
Heather has written the novel in the form she herself enjoys reading. When a good story is told, Heather finds it hard to put the book down.

Denika Mead
Denika lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a teenager with an unrelenting passion for fantasy and dystopian writing. Denika has loved writing ever since she could hold a pencil in her hand. She writes at her desk, staring out the window, imagining Elves jumping through the trees and bush-clad hills.
She published her debut novel, Royal Orchid, The Death-Hunters, in October 2019 when she was 15. The prequel to Royal Orchid, Into the Flames, and the next book in the series, The Ghost Warriors, were both released in 2020. Her next novel, The Last Kingdom, will be released later this year.
Over the past few years, she has won and been a finalist in several youth writing competitions, including being a two-time finalist in the New Zealand Youth Laurate award 2018. Denika was a finalist in the Best New Talent category for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in 2020.
When she is not writing, imagining dragon adventures or immersed in her latest reading escapade, you may find her occasionally contemplating NCEA school assessments.

Pat Whitaker
Born in England in 1946, I moved to New Zealand with my parents and older brother at the age of four and, apart from five years in my late twenties spent travelling the globe, have lived here ever since. After a fairly rudimentary education, I found work as an Architectural Designer and this became a life-long occupation. I started writing late in 2006.
The books I write are intended in the first instance to tell a good story and secondly ” once the tale is told ” to leave the reader with something to ponder. To this end, all my stories attempt to provide an original take on some commonly held belief, be it cultural, social or scientific.
Being a fan of both science fiction and classic murder mysteries, these tend to be common themes, with elements of both often combined in a single story.
As a person who likes to read a book in a single sitting, I normally limit each work to around forty-five or fifty thousand words. Unfashionable I know, but it’s what I prefer.”

Dave Hayward
Now in his eighties, Dave Hayward was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. He joined the New Zealand army at the age of sixteen and at twenty was a corporal commanding a section of Infantry in Malaya during that country’s ‘Emergency’. His first novel, Point of the Spear, is based on that experience.
Dave remained a soldier for thirty-three years and, as a sergeant, saw active service again in Borneo during Indonesia’s ‘Confrontation’ with Malaysia and, for a third time, in South Vietnam as a warrant officer. This latter experience is the basis of his second novel, Danger Close.
With a lifelong interest in the history of soldiering, in particular New Zealand’s military history, Dave next turned his attention to the New Zealand Wars. Redcoat and Korowai was his first novel set in those turbulent times. War was the second and The Last Rangatira completed a trilogy.
Continuing the NZ military history theme, Horse Soldiers follows the adventures of a New Zealand contingent of mounted rifles in the Boer War and Sinai Soldiers is based on the campaigns of the NZ mounted rifle brigade in Sinai and Palestine during WW1.
One reviewer has described Dave’s novels as ‘faction’. Another reckoned they were ‘ripping yarns’.
After a life packed full of action and adventure, Dave has finally settled in Feilding, a lovely rural town in the North Island of New Zealand, and now has the time to devote himself to his passion – writing historical military fiction.
When not off on 4WD treks, cycle tours, wine trails, army reunions or family occasions, that is.

My name is Mirjam
My background is in mental and physical health care, education, psychology and philosophy.
Nōnen Títi is a pen name to represent those people, who, like my characters, at times feel like a non-entity in this big world. My website (www.nonentiti.com) is titled: Writing for a Positive Future.
Gina Poekeleen is a pen name chosen as a dedication to my parents, who gave me those nicknames. My website (www.ginapoekeleen.com) is titled: Writing at the Edge of Morality.
The two titles may appear to contradict each other, but they do not. I believe that, in a positive world, we need to be free to address exactly those issues that make the status quo a little uncomfortable, so as to prevent dogma.
My writing focuses on the conflicts that naturally result from our innate psychological differences without the need for “evil forces” or “bad guys”. People are complex enough and I do not simplify or stereotype those complexities, not even for my young adult books.