Get Organised Planner by Diane Weatherhead

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Get Organised – Seasonal Planner for the Southern Seasons.
Get your life back on track post Covid-19 lockdown.

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This planner starts in winter, the southern hemisphere’s new (seasonal) year.  The concept is based on the garden calendar; planning in winter, “planting” in spring, working in summer and completing (tidying up)  in autumn.  Working with the seasons helps you to align to the earth’s circadian rhythms and will make it easier to achieve your goals. The planner gently guides your activities through the seasons with space for your goals and checklists to keep you on your path.  Its a planner and journal in one that provides structure to support your lifestyle.

The planner is about aligning your projects to the seasonal calendar working with the energy of the season rather than against.

If ordering online – indicate if you want the perfect bound or spiral bound copy.

1 review for Get Organised Planner by Diane Weatherhead

  1. Carolyn

    I went to the book launch for this planner and when listening to Diane speak about starting the year at the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, it made so much sense. I have used this planner over the last year and it’s brilliant – making new year resolution and plans in the middle of summer has never worked, but using winter as the start of the year – I have achieved more goals than I expected.
    I highly recommend this helpful planner.

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