Help Me Get Through Stuff Journal by C. Lankow


A self-help activity book.

A place to record and manage new resolutions.

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This is a journal, diary or notebook however you want to use it – a book for you and about you. It is a place for you to put your plans, your ideas, thoughts, express anger safely and pour out your heart. There is no right or wrong way to use this journal – there is only your way. The affirmations are for you – if you don’t want them cross them out. If you have ones you want to use instead – write them in. We are all growing, changing learning, no matter what our age. Sometimes it gets hard and we struggle to find our way. It is in you. Use the journal to find out what you want and help you with your journey, reflect on life and be able to go back and see how you changed.

There are 7 areas that can help you start if you are looking for guidance. Each has affirmations that can help you work out your own mind, then blank or lined pages with inspirational quotes for you to write your ideas, plans, express thoughts, doodle, rant, write love poems … the list for the use of this journal is endless.

“If you have a though but don’t write it down, by the next morning it may be gone forever. I’ve always carried notebooks and make daily lists, scribble ideas and jot down thoughts.” – Sir Richard Branson.


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