A Southern Tale by Joanne McDougall


Sammy is a Sea Lion, a very rare and endangered species. He lives on an island deep in the Southern Ocean.


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Sea Lions  Love fish.
Catching them is not easy and Sammy was very hungry.
But so were the other creatures she shared the Southern ocean with!
Features penguins and fearsome sharks.

As light filled the sky bringing warmth with the dawn,
Sammy woke up with a stretch and a yawn.  
Her tummy then rumbled, expressing a wish
that she leaps into the sea and go and find a fish.
Into the waves, she dove as they crashed against rocks,
causing foam and spray to be splashed.

A great story with wonderful illustrations, to introduce children to endangered species and to try and make them a little more aware of what goes on in the great ocean surrounding our country.


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