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How to Write A Comic Writing Workbook & Blank Comic Book

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Two books in one! 110 pages, ready for your adventure! Hours of fun!

A great gift for budding artists or writers! Draw your own comic book, graphic novel or storyboard your next movie. This book makes comic design easy. Big format: 8 x 10 inches.

Step-by-step worksheets, designed by two award-winning authors, help you plan an action-packed comic.

  • Design your own superheroes and villains
  • Build your world
  • Establish your magic rules
  • Plot your story
  • Find great twists
  • Dialogue tips
  • Design tips
  • Color schemes
  • Your Elevator Pitch

65 pages of blank comic templates, ready to use.

  • Your own title page
  • Blank templates, featuring action frames in various designs
  • Panel layout ranges from 4- 9 panels per page

Perfect for budding artists or writers, students, teens, kids or adults.  A great gift for you, a friend, your kids, or grand-kids.


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