Nana’s Electric Car (Te Motoka Hiko o Kui) by Marie Munro


Illustrated by Rachel Doragh
Translated by Piripi Walker.

Bella, Jacob and Lucas are environment and climate-change savvy, so they’re really excited to discover that their Nana has chosen a clean energy way to help protect the environment.

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Her new car is fully electric. But that’s not all. Nana has solar panels on her roof! They turn sun into power and, though crazy it seems, Nana’s new car drives along on sunbeams.

Ka hurihia te rā hei kaha pana motokā, ahakoa rerekē ki ētahi, e rere ana te motokā o Kui mā runga i ngā hihi o Tama-nui-te-rā.

Rachel Doragh’s dynamic illustrations bring the story to life in an authentic kiwi environment while Piripi Walker’s translation keeps the words simple and clear, so the rhythm is right, and each sentence flows when delivered aloud.


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