Na Zhi Bu Hui Fa Guang De Xiao Ying Huo Chong by June Allen


The Little Glow Worm Who Couldn’t Turn On His Light by June Allen – Chinese version

Translated by Huang, Wu

This is a faithful representation in Chinese of the popular story of a little glow worm who pleads with other creatures in his cave for help in turning his light back on.

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Illustrated by Raymond Jennings

A little glow worm becomes quite upset when he discovers his light is not working.

A little glow worm in his cave realises that his light is not working. He’s quite upset. He asks various creatures in the cave for help. They are a cave spider, a weta, a harvestman, but finally it is the kindly long tailed bat who flies off to find a light for the glow worm.

Story to read to children aged 3 to 8 years. The last page includes interesting facts about the animals and insects featured in the story.



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