The Super Weirdos and the Battle of Bash by Mr Mac


Have you ever seen someone that looked so weird they might be an alien? You may have been right…

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In this hilariously weird adventure, Norm, a regular kid, finds out there are aliens living among us.

Incredible, powerful, annoying aliens, led by his neighbour, Mac. Throughout his journey, Norm learns the first of many alien secrets and his life is never the same again.

This book reveals secrets to the universe in ways that no one could have expected.

Reading age 7 – 13

· Engages all readers from reluctant readers through to book worms
· Written by an NZ teacher and tested on 10 year olds, this book is sure to make your child laugh!
· The book is designed to teach children the skills of alien secret number one: ‘Never give up! Never surrender!’
· There are downloadable teacher questions for chapter chat style teaching, reading, writing and maths worksheets and work for growth mindset.

Illustrations by Mr Mac: These illustrations have been strategically placed and there are more pictures at the beginning of the book. Children who are not big on reading find a huge sense of achievement when they look at the number of pages they read in 20 minutes. As they continue the illustrations are spaced further apart but the reader is hooked into an awesome story.

Read the Interview on the NZ Booklovers website discussing the second book in the series: Mr Mac talks about The Super Weirdos and the Royal Roodle Rumble


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