A Little Book of Short Stories for Boys by Jenni Francis


Sometimes you just want to read some short stories. And sometimes you just want them about boys. Not girls.
That’s what this is. Short stories for boys.

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If you are the first to climb a tree is that tree yours? What if a girl climbs further and knocks the top off, is that tree now hers? This one of the eight short stories with boys in mind in this short publication.
All the stories are about boys being boys with Jenni Francis presenting a mother’s point of view sometimes and telling the reader where the idea for the story came from. So it is not only a book to read it tells you how you can write stories too.
There is Lucy the barking dog, there are stories about fishing for eels, combating a brother who menaces you all the time and a couple of stories about boys living in wartime England during WW2.

Aimed at primary and intermediate age children not necessary all boys.


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