Princess Peach and the Wild Weekend by Mary Em


Worst weekend EVER.

It’s Saturday, but Princess Peach isn’t having fun. Instead the whole kingdom of Verdonia is preparing for a visit from the most terrible of visitors: Prince Terrence of Tarragon.

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Peach can’t stand Terrence! But he’s going to marry her oldest sister Princess Posie, so she’ll have to get used to him sooner or later.

Or will she?

Armed with a strange, fizzy red candle, a bag of lemon sweets, and a lot of determination, Peach sets off to sea to find Duke Daniel, the long-lost heir to Verdonia. She’ll have to face pirates, mysterious creatures and hairy hermits to save her family, her kingdom, and most of all, her weekend…

Princess Peach book 1. A junior novel for ages 7-11.


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