Reluctant Heiress by Ermar Rose


Stephanie, the reluctant heiress, could never have known when she was adopted at the age of six weeks, that life would take her on such a rollercoaster ride.

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Set in three locations of England, New Zealand and the fictional Das Bel Mondo, this novel recounts how two young people from different cultures, meet and fall in love. The young woman becomes pregnant and conceals this from the father and gives away her baby.
When the father is killed by assassins, the baby, Stephanie, now fourteen years old is the only heir to the throne and no-one knows where she is., not even her birth mother. Good and bad agents from Das Bel Mondo and her family search for her.
Just when she has been found and protected she runs away. She narrowly escapes being crippled for life in a car crash in New Zealand. Later a secret is revealed that has an impact on her life and that of her birth mother.

1 review for Reluctant Heiress by Ermar Rose

  1. Ermar Rose

    Jeanette Campbell read my novel and said,
    ” Loved the book. Could not put it down. Can’t wait till the next one. I can’t tell you the last time I sat down to read a book. Thank you for giving me the chance.”

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