The Dragon Defenders by James Russell (Book 1)


A Dragon Brothers Book.

Two brothers Flynn and Paddy, 12 and 10 years old respectively, are facing a challenge like no other.

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The wild and wonderful island home of Flynn and Paddy holds an incredible secret: dragons live there!

When evil boss The Pitbull finds out, he sends his men to kill a dragon, and to bring him back the body. He also wants a dragon’s egg, so he can hatch it in his private zoo.

Flynn and Paddy’s world is abut to be turned upside down. Will their bravery and skill be enough to stop The Pitbull’s evil plan?

Recommended ages 7 – 11 years

This book comes alive.
You can download the free ‘AR Reads’ app, point your device at parts of the book and watch them turn into reality.


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