The Mirrors of Metal Man and the Flat Rounds by L.E. Cooper


Jono swaps his wheelchair for his grandpa’s ride-on electric mower, and races it into the Park – and rides straight into The Flat Lands, a dangerous world where the Queen is about to destroy the Flat Rounds.

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A Day of Change has caused a link between the two worlds: The Flat Lands where bad changes loom, and the world of Jono and his sister Emily, where horrible Aunt May is changing for the worse. Ian, lonely and bored, is also drawn into The Flat Lands and plays an essential part in their escape.
They battle the Queen’s rollers and her Crab Guard, knowing that if they do not face up to them, they are lost.
Metal Man with his persuasive mirrors is not always what he seems – sometimes he helps, sometimes he does not………
The Daylights are helpful and supportive, but in the end Jono, Emily and Ian know that it’s up to them to get themselves back home.


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